ZYX - The Mind by No Rivals


Very little needs to be said about an artistic collective who begins each one of their events with their own national anthem (Killroom Anthem). An anthem that doesn’t toast to where they’re at, but rather where they’re going. ZYX (Zen Your Xaniety) is a GTA based artistic movement founded by Buunkin in 2019 with help from his friend and colleague Parker. Since then, the group has released a string of music videos, singles, albums and has had live performances (200+)  with no intention of slowing down. ZYX houses its own clothing designers, artists, producers, videographers, engineers and any profession in-between you can think of. What makes ZYX stand out from its competitors is having a trove of artist cut from the same cloth and community as one another. Contribution and cooperation seem to reign king at their skatepark clubhouse. This is a collective based of pure artistic expression. ZYX this is real underground.


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