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Virtual Reality Events

Our world is going digital

As creatives,

You NEED a marketing tool that

creates an experience

& stands out from the crowd

Example 1- Travis Scott Fortnite performance-

“Rapper Travis Scott has grabbed the “Fortnite” crown for drawing the biggest live audience in the hit game’s history on Thursday night. Over 12.3 million concurrent “Fortnite” players participated live in Scott’s “Astronomical” virtual performance, an all-time record, according to Epic Games”

Example 2- Balenciaga released a GTA like game, showcasing their Fall collection – “The Balenciaga Video Game Could Actually Be Fashion’s Future

Balenciaga’s video game ‘Afterworld’ is kind of a natural progression in the relationship between fashion and gaming.

The days of blowing up on Instagram or Tik-Tok may be gone.

With VR & digital experiences – 

Your chance to be one of the first movers for the next big wave is here.



Will You Take Advantage?


– Begin with 1 on 1 consultation to establish who you are & what the goal of your virtual experience is
( ex- concert, listening party, virtual product showroom , etc)
-Build your experience (typical events only cost 50-100 & is an asset that can be used forever!)
– Promote & run your virtual event!

Ready To Join the First Movers Club in the Virtual Age?

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