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Aye Brodie I just want to say thanks you for giving me that interview cuz it’s it helped me out every since that interview happened I’ve been getting a lot buzz and I hope I can talk to you again – Jamesdatwayyy

Thanks for all the opportunities you’re throwing our way. What you’re doing in the Indy are is really needed!- Sanctified Music

You make me feel like someone in the industry always gots my back especially with my creativity!- Roman6ixv3

My interview with ‘th3_mind’ was different from others. I actually felt like they were interested in what i had to say about my art- 2k

Thanks for the opportunity us independent upcoming artist really appreciate it. I appreciate the opportunity and I really love what your page is doing. It’s difficult to get any reach starting out so thank you for your team!  -lilbirk

They asked about a time I’ve worked with a team of people from very diverse backgrounds, so I talked about how I help you with photography for No Rivals and I get to work on teams with a wide range of creatives from different backgrounds who all have different outlooks on life and ways of conveying their emotions through their art n Thanks for being part of my growth and experience! No Rivals has definitely been great for not only my photography but also giving me a lot of experience networking – Photojinix


Ayyyyyyy you’re awesome! Thanks for giving me this opportunity- @randDrap


Thank you. I honestly thought you were trying to scam me at first cuz thats what a lot of mfs be on in this industry im glad to have found a real one.- Yung Pajamas

All the merch is high quality so even when i blow Ill still be rocking with ya!- Roman6ixv3

Good communication between you guys and the users, a great environment (you guys are friendly and easy to talk to) & I love the material being used for the clothing Art By Leah

Thanks for making the next step so accessible!- Abnormal Joy

Thanks for the reviews, aint no one doing this in the underground much appreciated!- Dnastymane


I greatly appreciate y’all for real this is the first artwork and visual ideas that I’ve created for my image and y’all are killing it

Orange Sota

Hell yeah I Appreciate it 🙏 y’all have really helped me create something that was just a vision at first. Could never repay 🙏


The livest show ive ever performed (Underground Waves Fall19)- MannyPak

This event gave me a ton of connections. Thank you so much for having me out. – Lonebeech




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