Slimkai - The Mind by No Rivals


Silas Sorey, also known as SLIM the Young Producer and DJ, was Born In Washington, DC, December 1999. He spent his early years exploring music when teaching himself to play guitar at 8 years old. It wasn’t very long after, that he decided to touch his first mixer at age 12, beginning a new journey which led him to wanting to pursue a career in music. Struggling with school, difficult living situations, and always moving around in the DMV area made it hard for young Slim to take his passion for music seriously. It wasn’t until age 16 that he would move to a small City in Indiana, known as Muncie, that he would find stability in one place to help strengthen his work flow on his music. Becoming the DJ for school events, making beats & recording tracks underground became a new grind Slim and began tuning his ear to creating his own sound. Developing this sound led to the debuting of his first tape, Slim Wave. Written, produced & engineered by the young genius himself. Listen to Slim Wave now streaming on all platforms!


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