Playlist Campaign - The Mind by No Rivals

Playlist Campaign

Organic, Result Based Playlist Pitching

Starting at just $20!

“If I could just get this song in front of the right audience…” 

Well that is exactly what we’re now able to do with our playlist pitching campaigns! It’s basically like a super targeted version of radio. You get exposed to tons of new people that are almost definitely going to be into the music you put out! It won’t turn you into Drake over night, but you will be able to build a real fanbase of listeners for yourself!

Over ~30 days we will correctly submit/pitch your track to official and independent playlist curators that we will select based on your target audience & genre.

Clients seeking 15 lists receive  300-700 streams a day

We have gotten thousands of playlist adds for our clients via our network/relationships.

Getting added to multiple large independent playlists greatly increases your chances of being added to algorithm-based playlists and official editorial playlists. Most clients are thrilled with their first week results!

You can track progress via or

Clients typically see playlist adds come in within 2-3 days of ordering a campaign.

We can provide a report of playlists that the song was added to upon request.


We offer larger campaigns for artists or labels with larger budgets, just let us know and we will provide a proper consultation.

Working with budgets, list campaigns start at
1 list$20
4 Lists-$65
8 Lists-$115
15 lists–$175

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A team member will contact you within 48 hours!

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Check out some of our partnered playlists!

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RapCandiis Favorites-(4.4+k)

Rising Rap– (34k+)

The Rap Line-(5.6k+)

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