F$B - The Mind by No Rivals


MC from the DirtyDen Meriden,CT now Residing in Southern California. Follow @Aoutlaw8 on all social media platforms for more info! Also find on SoundCloud, YouTube, or any popular music streaming services by searching Aedan Outlaw. Co-founder of Free $oul Block which promotes positivity and choosing to think outside the box. It is not only a brand but a culture, a genre, and a way of living. Aedan started writing music at around 14, he was around Music all of his life since his mother was a singer. When he 16 his friends and he started Free $oul Block and then released about 5 songs. But he was well involved in sports so his music pursuit didn’t get serious until he turned 20. Something changed in him and started making tracks on SoundCloud. Linked up with his producer Chewbie and started making bangers from day 1 which ultimately helped Aedan get to the next level. With his production and Aedan’s smooth rhymes, flow, and voice you are bound to have your head bumping. Each song is diverse and every beat has a different vibe. If you need more updates follow Aedan!


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