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Behind: 3rd Kulture Kid

I never believed in doing things that I don’t whole-heartedly enjoy.
When you spend time and energy on something that doesn’t put a genuine
smile on your face, I would say that you’re wasting your time. Ever
since I could remember music was always something that made me happy.
It so turned out that I also had a knack for making it.

My name is 3rd Kulture Kid, also known as Catherine Brannon. I am from
and was partly raised in Columbia, South Carolina. At the age of 8, my
family moved to Kampala, Uganda. I lived there for 3rd grade, came
back to the States for 4th, and returned to Uganda for 5th and 6th
grade. After my first year in Middle School, I moved to Bonn, Germany
for 7th and 8th grade. This is where I learned German. I returned to
South Carolina for 9th grade and later went to boarding school in Ohio
for the rest of High School. It is safe to say that I have spent my
fair share of time in other countries. So much so that I have grown up
and into my self in foreign countries. I am no longer simply an
“American.” Thus the name, “3rd Kulture Kid.” All my life I have been
driven by artists like Kendrick Lamar, NWA, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and
Paramore. to make solid, important, and influential music. I hope my
music finds it’s way into your head, or at the very least, puts a
smile on your face.


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